Development of the African Community

Taste of Africa

Taste of Africa aims to bring the local community together and showcase the expression of the African culture.

Our Vision

Taste of Africa aims to continue building their relationships within the African community and strengthening the key role it plays in making an impact and influencing social change. We plan to use engagement through schools, creative writing projects, virtual online heritage museums and music projects in order to educate people on our achievements and celebrate them. We will continue to utilise our popular Black History Month celebration to educate and embrace African success and continue inspiring young people.
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Promote social equality, diversity and inclusion


Raise awareness of Human Rights Issues


Promote Racial and Religious Harmony

We are passionate about these

What We Strive For

Social Equality

We promote social equality, diversity and inclusion by securing and building positive relationships between different racial and cultural groups.

Human Rights Issues

To raise awareness of Human Rights Issues within the diaspora and facilitate healthy discussions surrounding these problems in the community and around the globe. We also aim to facilitate debate in order to hold individuals, local businesses and larger corporations to account of these Human Rights concerns.

Racial and Religious Harmony

Promote Racial and Religious Harmony for the benefit of public social cohesion by encouraging mutual understanding between a range of community groups through advancing education and raising awareness regarding racial and religious differences. We will advocate for respecting different cultures, faiths, and heritage by acknowledging racial struggles, religious practices, and by celebrating heritage in order to eliminate discrimination.

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Our Values

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

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Institutions who believe in what we are doing

Our Partners

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  • ┬áBrand publicised alongside chosen award category.
  • Brand publicised on all Black History Month events in Tees Valley.
  • Opportunity to speak and publicise your organisations services at Annual Taste of Africa