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About Us

About Us

Our vision is to build and aid in the development of the African community so that we are free from discrimination and prejudice whilst also having a vibrant platform to promote and celebrate our history, heritage and achievements.

Our Objectives

     To target the local African community and build a knowledge base of our history heritage. 

To build relationships within the community by connecting with local businesses, schools, and local authorities.

To develop creative arts projects in order to engage the younger generation and acknowledge their achievements.

To use our platform to educate the community on the importance of diversity.

To develop the charity over the next 3 years in order to secure our community relationships, build local sponsorships in order to sustain the work that we do.

To employ young people to build roots in the community and a foundation from which the charity can grow and develop whilst offering professional opportunity and experience to young African members. 

To provide African communities a platform for them to showcase their art and talent.