African Caribbean Carnival & Market

A vibrant day celebrating togetherness, different backgrounds, and the wonderful cultural mix of Africa and the Caribbean, all in a vibrant Africa/Caribbean fusion carnival at the centre of Middlesbrough.
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Theme: Coming of AgE

Coming of Age

Taste of Africa Events is proudly celebrating its 21st anniversary, and a standout feature of our commemoration is the much-anticipated Africa Caribbean Parade.

This annual parade stands as a cornerstone of our mission to ensure that the vibrant tapestry of our culture and heritage remains steadfastly embraced and showcased within the diverse cultural fabric of Tees Valley.

Our goal is to spotlight the distinctive contributions we bring to Tees Valley, leaving behind a lasting cultural legacy for future generations to cherish. To this end, we extend a warm invitation to individuals and organisations of African and Caribbean heritage who wish to present their businesses, culture, and arts to reach out to us.

Your participation would be invaluable in celebrating our unique and rich heritage!

This year’s “coming of age” theme for our Black History Month celebration embodies a profound recognition of the maturity, growth, and remarkable achievements of the Black community and its individuals. It’s an opportunity to pay homage to the progress, resilience, and substantial contributions that Black people have made throughout history.

This theme underscores the ongoing journey towards greater equality, empowerment, and societal transformation. It weaves together narratives of empowerment, accomplishments, and significant milestones within the Black community, highlighting their continuous progress and evolution as a fundamental aspect of the Black history narrative. Join us in honoring and celebrating this incredible journey!


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