hi there, I am Gwen Zororai and I am,

Conquering The Unimaginable


hi there, I am Tressor Bukasa and I am,

Conquering The Unimaginable


hi there, I am Sade and I am,

Conquering The Unimaginable


hi there, I am Robert Maseko and I am,

Conquering The Unimaginable


hi there, I am Toks and I am,

Conquering The Unimaginable


hi there, I am Olalekan and I am,

Conquering The Unimaginable


hi there, I am Locardia Chidanyinka and I am,

Conquering The Unimaginable


hi there, I am Khialah and I am,

Conquering The Unimaginable


hi there, I am Junior Masandi and I am,

Conquering The Unimaginable

Embarking on the extraordinary journey of “Conquering the Unimaginable – Behind the Smile,” this intergenerational project delves into the narratives of Africans and Caribbean individuals residing in Tees Valley. The overarching theme for this year’s exhibition revolves around uncovering the stories hidden behind the smiles of the showcased individuals, revealing a narrative often different from the surface.
A smile, sometimes, conceals a multitude of stories—this exhibition captures the challenges, successes, and hopes for the future experienced by African and Caribbean residents in the Tees Valley. Through the powerful mediums of arts, creativity, and imagery, the exhibition creates a space for dialogue, fostering education and breaking down barriers. The ultimate goal is to promote understanding and inclusiveness within our communities.
Central to this initiative is the involvement of young people, who have been at the core of the project. Through their active participation, they have gained valuable skills in presentation, interviewing, digital creation, teamwork, and communication—skills that empower them for the future.
None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support and funding from the Tees Valley Museums and Arts Council. Their commitment has made this impactful project a reality, contributing to the richness of our cultural tapestry and fostering a sense of unity and shared understanding.

Behind Our Smile

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