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Miss Black History

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Our Goal

Our goal is to influence society, promote development of talents and skills in
our community, help people especially women, see themselves beyond the
looks and the physical, thereby directly or indirectly contributing to the positive
impact of black history especially around the Northeast of England.


Our Mission

We are embarking on a journey to impact, influence and celebrate black young
women around the Northeast of United Kingdom through pageantry


Our Vision

We have vision for great inspiration! to inspire as many black women we are able to inspire out there, to discover and develop their purpose in life, in order to maximise their potential for the benefit of their communities, nation and the entire continent.

Why partner with us

Opportunities for partners and Sponsors



Awareness and media exposure for our partners and sponsors.



Building brand positioning and foster relationship between other brand partners and their Organization through association imagery.



To get in front of their target market of different culture and age groups and engaging with audience at our events.

Why Participate?

Benefits of Participating

Crown and Sash

Print Media Publicity

Top 3 winners participate in Taste of Africa events

Gift Hampers

Sponsorship opportunities

Behind Miss Black History

Our Organisers

Headline Sponsors


  • ┬áBrand publicised alongside chosen award category.
  • Brand publicised on all Black History Month events in Tees Valley.
  • Opportunity to speak and publicise your organisations services at Annual Taste of Africa