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Theme: Coming of age

Black History Youth Awards Nomination

Nominate a candidate for Black History Youth Awards.


Coming of Age

This year’s coming of age theme for Black History Month celebration symbolise a focus on recognising and celebrating the maturity, growth, and achievements of the Black community and its individuals. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge the progress, resilience, and significant contributions made by Black people throughout history. This theme emphasise the ongoing journey towards greater equality, empowerment, and social change. It encompass stories of empowerment, achievements, and milestones within the Black community, highlighting their continual progress and evolution as a key aspect of the Black history narrative.

Creative Youth Leadership Programme

Categories for Nomination

Excellence in the Arts

Young person who has talent in music, performance, dance or art.

Community Ambassador

Young person who has made a contribution to others in their
community and beyond.

Young Sports Person

Young person who has demonstrated excellence in sports.

Academic Excellence

Young person who has shown great academic achievement at school or college or university.

Positive Role Model

Young person to has made contribution to others in their community and

Peer Mentor

Young person who has shown support to others their age and younger.


Young person who has made life style changes in a  conscious effort to make better
choices and turn their lives around.


Young entrepreneur who became their own boss.


Young person in care/care leaver who has overcome challenges and gone on to
achieve beyond expectations.


Young person excelling in science, technology,  engineering or maths, making new discoveries that can improve lives.

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Please be aware that the information you provide will be used for shortlisting purposes and to prepare speeches for the upcoming event.


We are looking for exceptional Black youth of African/Afro Caribbean origin, aged 11 to 29, who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their respective category.

In order to recognise and honour these nominated young individuals, it is crucial that we have their contact information. Should we be unable to reach them, regrettably, we won’t be able to present them with an award.

To submit your nominations, please send them to or mail them to the address listed below.

The deadline for nominations is 7th October 2024 at 5 PM.

Alternatively, you can also cast your votes through our website

Taste of Africa

Tel: +44 7748 644864

Nomination Form

Headline Sponsors


  •  Brand publicised alongside chosen award category.
  • Brand publicised on all Black History Month events in Tees Valley.
  • Opportunity to speak and publicise your organisations services at Annual Taste of Africa